‘Junk Food Mandala’, Einat Arif Galanti’s New Solo Exhibition

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    October 22, 2021, 12:00PM – December 24, 2021, 8:00PM
    The New Gallery
    Teddy Stadium (gate 22)
    Jerusalem, Israel

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    The mandala is a symbolic painterly representation of the universe, originating in Tibetan Buddhism in India and which later appeared in different versions in other cultures (such as the Jewish star, rosetta, and arabesque). In the original form, the foundation of the mandala is a circle which frequently overlaps with other equilateral shapes emanating from the center outwards. The result is an image which is harmonious, balanced, and symmetrical, an aesthetic connection of form and essence. In many cultures, mandalas arouse deeper connotations, as an extended contemplation of its structure bears psychological and emotional healing qualities.

    presents her monumental video Junk Food Mandala – a breathtaking mandala composed of hundreds of photographs of sweets and fast food which gradually morph into changing shapes as the mandala changes until its elements are entirely blurred. The richly colorful hypnotic look and the gradual movement create an illusion for the viewer, who at first sight sees only the surface beauty arousing desire. A longer gaze at the work reveals the forms of an infinite number of colorful images which clustered together raise issues about genetically modified and industrialized foods, food coloring, 21st century consumer culture, and the collapse of its embodied illusion.

    The foodstuffs making up the whole seem to constitute a platform for Arif Galanti’s cynical, humorous game, as part of a laboratory attempting to analyze the photographed foods. The digital shapeshifting of the various foods, the cracks, stains, crumbling and distortions taking place simultaneously at different speeds reveal them in their full ugliness and splendor of their artificiality.

    Curator: Tamar Gispan-Greenberg

    With thanks to the Ostrovsky Family Fund for project production support.

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