“LAYERS”: Solo Exhibition by Hadas Tapouchi

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    June 13, 2020 – October 11, 2020
    Schloßstraße 55 / Otto-Grüneberg-Weg 14059
    Berlin, Germany

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    LAYERS (originally ‘SCHICHTEN’ in German)

    Remember forced labor under National Socialism

    Photographs by Hadas Tapouchi

    When the Second World War ended in May 1945, one of every seven people remaining in Berlin was a former slave laborer. Forced labor was a prerequisite for the National Socialist war economy and part of everyday life in Berlin. A quarter of a century later, the city shows only a few traces of this former presence.
    For this exhibition, artist Hadas Tapouchi places images of former crime scenes of forced labor in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. The exhibition locates the photographs in a topography of local slave labor, traces the tradition of the slave labor system and reflects memories of former slave laborers. SCHICHTEN thus opens up a space for questions about the relationship between forced labor, visibility, city and memory.

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