Live Lecture Online by Artist Noa Raviv

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    January 25, 2021


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    Broken is the New Whole – Contemporary Art: live lecture online by Noa Raviv.

    The past year has brought with it a new breed of a break. And what is a rift if not an opportunity to re-imagine reality?

    Contemporary artists have been turning to hammers, knives, and scissors for years to create a complex picture and a new perspective on the world – before they build, they smash and break into pieces, erasing and blurring.

    In the lecture, the audience will look at works by artists like Ai Weiwei and see what the connection is between ancient Chinese urns and FedEx packages and what is between a bicycle wheel (and Marcel Duchamp) and a rocking horse and blond hair.
    The lecture will delve into the benefits that artists find in dismantling and why our obsession with wholeness, sometimes has to go through fractures and crises.