Lucy Elkivity in New Solo Show ‘Behind Time’

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    February 18, 2021, 5:00PM – March 13, 2021, 2:00PM
    Behind Time @ Artists House Tel-Aviv
    9 Alcharizi St
    Tel-Aviv, Israel

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    Behind Time, Solo Show

    Lucy Elkivity is an artist who constantly surprises with her ever broadening range of materials and techniques.
    At the centre of the new installation, ‘Behind Time’, she displays a group of winter garment bags, semi-transparent, whose original purpose is to keep clothes safe within sealed wardrobes. Lucy’s bags are half-way opened however, and from within dangle previous works on paper which have been cut to ribbons. The bags hang from the ceiling like cocoons, or like sleeping bats in a cave in the silence of pre/post flight.
    On the wall – two large paintings in charcoal on paper which are themselves a stillness: between a promising state of pre-growth and germination and a state of possibly eternal suspension.

    All the pieces in the current installation point to a pattern which arises from Lucy’s entire body of work, one which traces growth and its opposite at the same time. Everything is destined to evolve or remain the same forever in the non-time.
    Elkivity’s works are behind time in its linear sense, as we are used to experiencing it. They function as capsules of uncertainty which today, in light of last years dystopian experiences, achieve additional meaning.

    Curator: Taly Cohen Garbuz

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