Mania a Legend in Her Life

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    Wednesday, February 19, 2020
    (this event is over)
    Mazia Theater House
    Mesilat yesharim 18
    Jerusalem, Israel

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    Mania Shohat 1879-1961. Woman worker pioneer and revolutionist. Mania Shohat’s life story, from the time of the second ‘Aliya’, is part of the foundation process of the state of Israel, and the Kibbutz project. Workers rights, group forming for settlements, children’s education system, and smuggling illegal immigrants. Through pieces of broken memories, videos, live music, pictures and people from the past, her diverse image rises, full of riddles and contradictions – A legend in her life, and in her death.

    In collaboration with Yad Ben Zvi | A play by Pnina Gerry, inspired by the book by Rachel Yanait Ben Zvi

    Director and adaptation: Gavriella Lev | Live music (piano) and arrangement: Saar Shani, Ran Cohen | Musical management: Ronit Roland | Lighting: Adam Rotblit | Screening: Yonatan Friedman, Adam Rotblit

    With: Tzahala Michali, Saar Shani, Ran Cohen, Inbal Miloh-Bachar

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