Metacognition at SPRING/BREAK Art Show
Visual Arts

Metacognition at SPRING/BREAK Art Show

Metacognition is an exhibition of 8 artists working in unique processes combining the tradition of craft together with new materials and new technologies.

Curated by Tali Hinkis and Robin Kang for SPRING/BREAK Art Show

Curated by Robin Kang + Tali Hinkis
Anne Vieux, Douglas Repetto, Laura Splan, LoVid, Mitch Patrick, Paloma Kop, Robin Kang, Sabra Moon Elliot

We are in room 1150 on the 11fl.
March 4-9 11am-8pm

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This exhibition surrounds a conversation between a group of artists who employ meditative and repetitive processes to creatively navigate through the dimensional realms of reality. The physical, algorithmic, emotional, virtual, spiritual, and scientific planes are investigated through clever uses of technology and innovative combinations of the material and the digital.
Special thanks for Harvestworks for technical support

Date and time

Sep 23, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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