Nir Hod & Eyal Assulin in the Group Exhibition Looney Tunes

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    February 11, 2021 – March 31, 2021


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    Looney Tunes is a group exhibition exploring the external influences of culture and the internal influences of the artist’s creation from the soul. This exhibition showcases a number of contemporary artists, famous for their colorful and graphic pieces recalling cartoon illustrations. The artists participating include Israeli Nir Hod & Eyal Assulin, Binksy, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Eric Inkala, Kaws, Kenny Scharf, Marc Quinn and Philip Colbert.

    The works featured in this exhibition are also characterized by their blend of street art and institutionalized art, alongside the combination of techniques and platforms used in their works. With the latter, the artists engage with a range of spaces: from murals on commercial buildings, through giant dolls sited in public spaces, to a variety of consumer products like shirts, dolls, and hats. The exhibition encompasses the full gamut of artistic motivations, from independent projects drawing from the artist’s life story to commercial collaborations benefitting both creator and brand.

    Appearing Artists