“On the doorstep”: Solo Exhibition by Liza Zabarsky
Visual Arts

“On the doorstep”: Solo Exhibition by Liza Zabarsky

Liza Zabarsky presents 27 of her works from the last few years, using a special technique that combines oil paints and ink hatching.

In the exhibition "On the doorstep" Liza Zabarsky presents oil works from the last two years.

The doorstep signifies the middle state. Like the horizon separates sky and earth, the doorstep separates the outside and the interior, reality and imagination. Standing on the doorstep as an observer, is the basis of Liza's creative. The works in this exhibition are states of consciousness on the continuity of the contrast between the interior and the exterior. They reflect the human condition in a world of alienation and loneliness. The exhibition is an attempt to create closeness, love and meaning in a meaningless world, and order in a world of chaos.


Date and time

Oct 03, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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