“On the Edge,” New Play by Motti Lerner

“On the Edge,” New Play by Motti Lerner

"On the Edge" A political family drama focusing on a father-son relationship.

The father, owner of a publishing house, is working on an anthology with short stories about Operation 'Protective Edge' from 2014.

His son, who manages the publishing house refuses to accept the account this anthology offers.

The conflict that arises between the two reveals an ideological and moral divide surrounding the place of literature in our lives and its crucial role for our evolution as a society. As the father says: When literature fails, all fail with it.

Actors: Itzhak Hizkiya, Dan Shapira
Director/Dramaturg Hadar Galron

Date and time

Dec 22, 2022
Mar 05, 2023

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Jaffa Theatre
Jaffa, Israel

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