Ophira Spitz | Sculpturing Her Life
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Ophira Spitz | Sculpturing Her Life

Between sentimental reminiscence and existential thoughts, Ophira Spitz's artistic path is reflected in The Lab and the fashion designer studio of Sasson Kedem. Ophira highlights the transition between the two spaces with a site-specific red cloth work that both merges in and interrupts the urban landscape. Nir Jacob Younessi composed the accompanying sound for the installation displayed at The Lab.

In two adjacent locations on Herzl Street, a multi-media installation was conceived in collaboration with the fashion designer Sasson Kedem and the curator Sharon Toval. Fabrics, layered paintings in a microscopic-like abstraction, old furniture, a video work by Ophira as a documentation of the process, red fabric balls of varying sizes made in a Sisyphean effort, the binding of the space with strips of fabric, and a sound work by Nir all contribute to the installation's nostalgic mystical aura.

Date and time

Dec 22, 2022
08:00 PM (UTC+2)

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The Lab
Tel-Aviv Yafo, Israel