Orli Shaham’s New Series: Bach Yard Playdates – Stream From Home

Orli Shaham’s New Series: Bach Yard Playdates – Stream From Home

Bach Yard Playdates introduces musical concepts & instruments to שמ audience of children and their families

Orli Shaham's "Bach Yard Playdates" introduces musical concepts, instruments and the experience of concert-going to a global audience of children and their families, in weekly 5 to 10-minute episodes. Kaufman Music Center presents Bach Yard Playdates, and it will appear on their website and social media channels at 11:00 am EDT each Sunday April 26, 2020 through June 28.

Season 1's ten episodes include interactive music in which children can join in from home, storytimes, and musical selections designed to develop listening skills. Orli Shaham introduces each show, and is joined by guest musicians from Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble Connect, The Westerlies and other professional musicians for the performances. This series is especially for children up to early elementary, but every member of the household – human or animal, stuffed, or not - will enjoy this fun and unique series.

Learn more about Orli Shaham, and visit her Bach Yard website for lots of fun musical activities to do with your kids at home.

Date and time

Feb 24, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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