“Permanent Vacation”: Dana Lev Levnat at Artist Residence Herzliya

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    May 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020
    (this event is over)


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    Dana Lev Levnat left her home in 2013 to set off on an ongoing journey around the world.
    Her photography project “Permanent Vacation” can be seen on Instagram.

    Every two hours, Dana posts a photo on social media, from the past 24 hours. Up until now, tens of thousands of photos were added to her growing archive of images, testimonies of her journey. She takes pictures of people, food and buildings, of her temporary living environments and their permanent or non-permanent residents. The result does not resemble a regular vacation photo album in any way. Dana is constantly taking pictures, creating an archive of her own life. Tourism is the camouflages she puts on her new-found nomadic lifestyle, making the title of her project an intentional irony.

    Dana is not looking for the comfort of tourism, but for the encounter with what is new and unfamiliar. Her journey is not limited in time. Even when she returns “home” to Israel, she is still a vagabond. Her photos still reflect a static state of being, in the shape of the constant flow of images defined under the hashtags #תיירותחוץ or #תיירותפנים

    The project itself is lawless and homeless, and just in that defies the social norms and boundaries that shape our life of comfort.

    Alas. Our life is not comfortable any longer, and everything is new and unfamiliar. We are confined to the limits of our homes for a very ling time now, our movement restricted by sever measures. Dana found herself restricted by these same measures to a small area surrounding her temporary home. This will not be the first time her photo project faces restrictions on her movement, and as in the past times, these restrictions will not stop the journey.

    Dana’s photos are full of humbleness, humor and a simple sense of humanity – being somewhat unusual in the instagram universe that praises “Personal expression”, but is in fact, for the most part, full of similar, cliche images that look alike, colored by filters that flatten them all the more.

    “Permanent Vacation” succeeds in liberating life from drowning below the surface. In the next few weeks Dana’s lens will follow the people of Herzliya, and Herzliya Bet in particular, from our current state of being into the new reality. This is not unpaid vacation, this is permanent vacation from life itself.

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