Photography Exhibition: “Light Refugees” at Haifa Museum of Art
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Photography Exhibition: “Light Refugees” at Haifa Museum of Art

"Light Refugees" project made in the shadow of the Corona pandemic, explores and marks realities of worlds, blending and unifying urban landscapes into a mixed up wild world.

The star of the exhibition is the "dark knight" of the animal kingdom: the bat. The bat is a flying mammal that is perceived as a dark and frightening creature mostly due to its appearance and nocturnal life. In the past months, with stay-at-home orders imposed throughout the world, we have come to notice animals taking over our outside space. At night, in our absence, they can do as they please, unafraid that we might see them and expose their secrets.

This exhibition presents a new series of photographs by Yuval Chen, a press photographer and artist. This photography project, like other projects by Yuval, examines the ambivalent relationship between man and his environment – shifting between an egoistic position of exploitation and destruction and the wish to explore and preserve the natural habitat. Recent years have revealed the ecological advantages of bats: they disseminate flower and tree seeds, creating new forests. They also have a natural pest-control ability: they can eliminate pests, save plants, and thereby assist farmers.

This photograph series was created in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, which allegedly originated in bats. It calls on us to directly explore our relationship with nature, suggesting we observe it from several different angles. The series, which reflects a complex existential state, suggests that we look within ourselves and rediscover and learn to value the wider world, which we share with other creatures. To convey the anxiety caused by the pandemic, the artist lent the photographs a grainy look, creating a sense of pollution and disturbance. The works undermine the concept of time, suggesting a "meta-reality" without depicting any clear, specific moment

Date and time

Oct 03, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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