‘Prestige’ Exhibition by Marcelle Tehila Bitton & Aniam Dery

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    March 25, 2021 – May 22, 2021
    Jerusalem Artists' House
    12 Shmuel Hanagid St.
    Jerusalem, Israel

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    Marcelle Tehila Bitton and Aniam Dery’s exhibition “Prestige” is constructed as a play for three rooms. Three acts comprising video installations, sculpture, and objects, tie biographical, cultural, and artistic sources of inspiration to form an alternative microcosm where an associative interplay of identities—parodic, grotesque, at times utopian—takes place, striving to dissolve the dichotomy between the poles of religion and art.

    Quotes from rabbinic texts, rituals and customs, sermons and tales, beliefs, myths and biographical sources merge with artistic and cultural concepts and criteria, aesthetic codes, gender games, class etiquette, pedigree and affiliation norms, fashion dictates, canons of beauty and prestige, the right virtues, and hierarchical criteria.

    Curator: Etti Abergel
    Gallery talk: Thursday , 29 April 2021 17:00

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