Screening and Q& A: “Questions of Life and Death” (2015)

Screening and Q& A: “Questions of Life and Death” (2015)

Moshe Alafi's film "Questions of Life and Death" will be presented by PSJC on zoom on Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 18th at 7pm New York Time

The documentary follows a group of Israeli influencers and celebrities as they tour the camps in Poland, guided by Avraham Kriger from the "Shem Olam" Institute, and presents a new way of looking at the harsh reality of the Holocaust while sparking questions and a new way of thinking.

Which memory from the Holocaust will be left for the next generations?
What happens when G-d stands trial by the second generation of Treblinka survivors?
What in the camps can be meaningful even for those who didn't experience them?
How can Israel apologize for the way survivors were treated when they first arrived in Israel?

These are only some of the questions that arise as the tour goes on. HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Participating in the film:
Yehoram Ga'on (singer), Yona Eli'an (actress), Esti Zakheim (actress and activist), Prof. Sami Samocha, Emuna Elon (writer), Dr. Eliyahu Vinograd z"l (former Judge), Dubi Einchold (book editor), and more.

There will be a discussion and Q&A with the director, Moshe Alafi, after the screening.

The screening is presented by Park Slope Jewish Center’s “Speaking of Israel” program

Date and time

Apr 18, 2023
07:00 PM (UTC-4)

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