Relative Relations Exhibition Reopening

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    September 23, 2021, 8:00PM – December 31, 2021, 8:00PM
    Hebrew Union College - Dr. Bernard Heller Museum
    One West Fourth Street (between Broadway and Mercer Street) New York, NY 10012-1186
    New York City, NY, United States

    Event Info

    The exhibition Relative Relations showcases 70-some artists who “explore the human connections impacted by the pandemic and shaped by genetics, proximity, interests, and shared destiny.”

    The photograph series “The Regulars” depicts men in intent and warm conversation.

    In contrast with the paradigm that the artist recalls from her youth, it freezes a moment of closeness between male friends, bonding outside of business needs. A photograph by French photographer Frédéric Brenner spans the scene and depicts workers in an Azerbaijani café under the portrait of a woman, giving us another take on the same subject: parallel and less connected. The framed woman’s portrait above them seems to be all-seeing as if viewing the scene from a pedestal, giving us a photo within a photo within a photo.

    Heddy Abramowitz photographed “The Regulars” at the iconic Café Mizrahi in Jerusalem’s Machaneh Yehuda outdoor market in 2010.

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