SAGE at Pete’s Candy Store

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    Saturday, December 8, 2018
    (this event is over)
    Pete's Candy Store
    709 Lorimer Street
    Brooklyn, NY, United States

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    Sage creates a sonic experience that oscillates between unexpected melody, instrumental distortion, and audible texture. There is no prepackaged label for the sounds Sage is creating; especially as the songs shape shift regularly, changing the mood from somber, to longing, to fiery and direct. The seamless mashup is what I imagine it would sound like if Ella Fitzgerald formed a grunge band.
    The music is accompanied by lyrics that are the visceral building blocks of love and heartbreak stripped down and laid bare.  A phrase as simple as “I’m so sad” or “It scared me” are taken to another level as Sage amplifies their meaning through dreamy guitars, layered synth, and vocals that shift from sweet strawberry jam to steely grit. They punch hard.
    The music is delightfully indescribable, and best experienced firsthand.  Through balancing delicate and rough, straightforward and profound, lucid and tangled, Sage turns the turbulence of the mind inside out in a way that is universal and sonically comprehended. – by Stephanie Pardi.

    Dor Sage – voice, synth, lyrics and music
    Boaz Marva – guitar
    Aron Caceres – bass
    David Jimenez – drums

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