Save Earth Together – International Art Exhibition
Visual Arts

Save Earth Together – International Art Exhibition

A unique virtual art exhibition

The exhibition deals with the crisis that the earth is going through, and examines whether the ideology of sustainability is just an idea - or whether it can be implemented so that we can continue to live on Earth in the present, without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs and live on it in the future.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Israel Rotary club Modiin and the Poland Rotary club Bialystok.

Curato: Orit Weinberg

Artists participate from Poland, Ukraine and Israel

Etty Giat; Leonid Padrul; Gila Miller; Dalit Davidi; Einat Kerman Maor; Liora Rosenman; Ranit Elkarief; Malka Hochberg; Tami Alkon; Orit Weinberg

Adrian Kiszka; Jerzy Koba; Łukasz Patelczyk; Tomasz Milanowski; Małgorzata "Zoya" Karczmarzyk

Aia Kora

Date and time

Jan 12, 2023
09:00 PM (UTC+2)

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