Sensu Amplo- Solo Show

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    Friday, May 17, 2019
    (this event is over)
    Artspace Tel Aviv
    Shvil Hamerets 6
    Tel-Aviv, Israel

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    Paper Wings

    Lucy Elkivity’s creations are like birds.

    Somewhere between the ceiling and the floor, between the distant sky and the earth, incessantly in motion, there is a silence of waiting –

    of odd-looking marionettes, out of context, indicating nothing of their roles as sting-bound puppets.

    No one clutches them from above, but they themselves clutch words, broken sentences – paintings – in their grasp.

    Fans which spread out without hands to bind them.

    Light paper fans, branches which spread themselves like the toes of a water bird.

    Fans which are heavy and black.

    That no-one will flutter.

    Above all of these – grand paintings; brush movements aspiring to be wings. To fly. Sometimes crashing to the ground, splintering into tiny little black drops, yielding to the earth.

    Air current do not breeze through these fans. They do not manipulate or move the effigies of the marionettes.

    Only black wings will repeatedly try and ascend.


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