Shutters and Stairs: Elements of Modern Architecture in Contemporary Art

    Event Details

    February 21, 2020 – October 3, 2020
    Ayala Zacks Abramov Pavilion for Israeli Art, The Israel Museum
    11 Ruppin Boulevard, Hakirya
    Jerusalem, Israel

    Event Info

    New Exhibition, group show

    Curator: Aya Meron

    Designer: Mihal Aldor

    Artists: Joshua (Shuky) Borkovsky, Shibetz Cohen, Jesse Darling, Yael Efrati, Asaf Elkalai, Assaf Evron, Tsibi Geva, Matan Golan, Olivia Hild, Alex Israel, Renata Lucas, Saher Miari, Moshe Ninio, Roman Ondák, Hadar Saifan, Fred Sandback, Ariel Schlesinger, Gil Marco Shani, Hilla Toony Navok, Yonatan Vinitsky, Noa Yaffe, Shay Zilberman, Jonathan Zofy

    Floors, doors, Shutters, and stairs feature prominently among the architectural elements depicted by the works displayed in this exhibition, most of which were recently acquired by the Museum. Each work presents an encounter with a different element, offering an opportunity to examine the small details that normally evade us, as well as the conceptual shifts involved in the transition of an object into a work of art. A geometrical abstraction echoes in some of these works – perhaps inspired by the modernist nature of the components themselves – and yet these tangible items and their immediate reality also highlight that which is human and existential. Though many of the artists featured in the exhibition often use photography to dissect their reality or installation to immerse the viewer in new surroundings, here they focus on a solitary elements selected from the vast incomprehensible space of life. What can these individual details tell us about that which lies beyond them?