Signals From The Studio: Artist Reuven Israel On The Sum Of Possibilities

    Reuven Israel, In Four Acts, 2018, installation view of solo exhibition at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery, Los Angeles. Photo by Ethan Browning.

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    February 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021


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    Listen in to a new episode of Signals From The Studio, an audio interview series produced by Artis, in collaboration with journalist Yonatan H. Mishal.

    New York-based artist Reuven Israel speaks about making sculptures that explore logics, frameworks, and questions, while thoughtfully ruminating on the human experience.

    This interview was conducted in the Spring of 2020, and edited for conciseness. It is part of Artis’ audio series, Signals from the Studio…, a series of audio interviews with artists from Israel, and delve into current topics in contemporary art and culture that they address in their practice. Produced by Artis and made in partnership with journalist, urbanist, and writer, Yonatan H. Mishal, who hosts and edits the interviews. Audio help from Michelle Rosen.

    Image: Reuven Israel, Bigger SBM (Stands By Me), 2016, public sculpture installation in Seter Square, Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo by Elad Sarig.

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    Signals from the Studio…Artist Reuven Israel on the Sum of Possibilities

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