Stretto International Piano Festival: Anna Arazi

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    May 15, 2021, 2:30PM – June 30, 2021, 12:00AM


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    Watch Anna Arazi in a performance of a virtual recital at the International Stretto Piano Festival. You will meet the first female Israeli composer Verdina Shlonsky through her musical miniature gems; find yourself surrounded by the 360° universe in the music by the UK-based Angela Slater; and get to indulge in two world premières by Adam Berndt, which he composed for Anna’s family and herself during the Summer of 2020. Anna is beyond thrilled to share this exquisite music with you!
    The performance can be watched online, tickets are available for streaming any time after the broadcast time.
    The festival features 17 performers from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria and Brazil, all of whom are playing on ergonomically scaled piano keyboards. These keyboards have narrower keys than the regular ones. They are a better match for 87% of female and 24% of male pianists, whose hand span is less than 8.5inch – the minimal span to be comfortable at the regular keyboard.
    Would you benefit from these keyboards, too? You can take a ruler and measure the distance between your thumb and pinky while you open your hand as much as possible. 🎹

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