Synthetica: a Solo Show by Aviv Grinberg
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Synthetica: a Solo Show by Aviv Grinberg

The artist Aviv Grinberg holds his first solo exhibition with Corridor Contemporary

Corridor Contemporary gallery hosts Synthetica - a new solo show by the gallery's artist Aviv Grinberg, curated by Ariel Rom.

Grinberg (b.1991) is an interdisciplinary artist, currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Grinberg’s practice utilizes various materials and mediums to push the boundaries of painting and sculpting, transforming their definitions, and exploring the realms which lie in between the two. While reflecting upon his personal background, Grinberg corresponds to matters of global social structures, changing ecosystems and consumerist human behavior, thus trying to interrupt these identities’ status-quo power play.

Driven mostly by the social-psychological aspects of cleanliness, Grinberg samples, isolates and re-examines cleaning products, thus exposing their dual nature - toxic and non-biodegradable, though necessary and aesthetic. By using plastic objects, which he traces from his nearby surroundings as well as industrial sites, he balances localism with mass-produced consumerism. Through large scale paintings and complex installations Grinberg reacts to his own behavior patterns, as well as to humanity's, in the present times.

Corridor Contemporary is the voice of new art in Tel Aviv: a nexus for contemporary art from around the world, exhibiting across a diverse range of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, and video art. The gallery’s collection signposts key movements in the art world, from figurative art and photorealism to the fresh contributions of graffiti and the wider street art vibe.

Date and time

Nov 17, 2022
07:30 PM (UTC+0)

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Corridor Contemporary
Tel Aviv, Israel

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