Tamar Halperin and Guy Sternberg play Satie

Tamar Halperin and Guy Sternberg play Satie

Erik Satie is one of the great lateral thinkers in the history of music, a brilliant, odd-looking fellow, who knew how to subvert the mighty march of music-historical progress through highly original measures. He was a pioneer in minimalism, dadaism, surrealism and sophisticated nonsense - and created captivatingly beautiful miniatures such as the "Gymnopédies". When friends looked at his apartment after Satie's death in 1925, they found, alongside countless umbrellas and a chaotic mess, two concert grand pianos stacked on top of one another. This image was inspired by Israeli pianist and harpsichordist Tamar Halperin and producer Guy Sternberg to create an extraordinary program (and a successful CD): they split Satie's compositions into individual voices, playing them on different instruments to layer these set pieces together.

In addition to music by Satie, works by Claude Debussy and John Cage are performed, which are instrumented for various keyboard instruments and electronic sounds and, together with their own improvisations, create fascinating soundscapes. The pieces flow into each other, so that the former miniatures form a large overall shape of about 60 minutes duration (without a break). Tamar Halperin has u.a. through her collaboration with the jazz pianist Michael Wollny ("Wunderkammer") and the countertenor Andreas Scholl (her husband) attained great attention; As a soloist, she works with international ensembles such as the New York Philharmonic

Date and time

Mar 03, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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