The Milk Biennial – Yaniv Amar

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    March 15, 2019, 8:00PM – October 1, 2019, 5:00PM
    (this event is over)
    Kibutz Be'eri, Israel
    Milking Parlor. Agricultural and operational areas.
    Kibutz Be'eri, Israel

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    “The Biennale for Milk” project will open in March 2019 and will be displayed inside an abandoned milking parlor in Israel- Kibbutz Be’eri and its deserted area on the outskirts of the kibbutz, which once was a dairy farm. Project curator Dr. Ziva Yellin.

    Kibbutz Be’eri is one of the eleven settlements that settled in the Negev on the eve of Yom Kippur 1946, now 72 years old. The milking parlor building was built in the 1950s alongside the cowshed. In the 1980s he was abandoned and a new and more sophisticated milking center was built in front of him. Today, the dairy operates as a large regional dairy, in partnership with three communities, in areas outside the kibbutzim, because it was no longer profitable to maintain small dairy farms in relation to population growth. The structure of the “new” dairy farm has also been in its desolation for more than a decade. A new agricultural sector is currently being built in the area, “Hinomann” greenhouses, knowledge-intensive agriculture and technology for growing seaweeds as a superfood.
    “The Biennale for Milk” is a large-scale art project that will include a two-sided action by the two artists Yaniv Amar and Atar Geva, and joint research on the space booth in which the project will be presented. The exhibition will be spread over two different centers – the abandoned old milking parlor at the kibbutz, and the newer milking parlor set up opposite it.

    The exhibition will deal with the physical and moral gap between milk, which was once considered a staple food, healthy and nutritious, and the future super-food, Spirulina seaweed, between past and present agriculture. The old milking parlor will be displayed by the artist Yaniv Amar as a holy shrine, with its ecclesiastical structure, standing in a neglected environment on the edge of the settlement, opposite Atar Geva’s work at the newer milking center, which builds spirulina fields in huge pistons floating in the air.
    In the milking parlor gold tiles will cover the interior of the building. Sculpture structure – A long narrow fountain paved with a turquoise mosaic, will cross the structure along its length and will branch into the Spirulina field and feed the future seaweed. In the interior of the building, the water source (the fountain) will be a holy baptism site. Where milk was produced, the milk ran out and a dying mass of the world was left, or seaweed to be harvested, pus of the remainder of the milk. The windows in the building will be replaced with stained-glass windows and will display the flora and fauna that existed before the place was abandoned and the work of the hands was abandoned and before the fields were burned by the balloons from Gaza. The sanctuary is both a body and a soul shield.
    In the ground where the buildings stand there will be dozens of sculptures in various sizes of burned trees, burned vehicles and concrete chimneys of sparkling soot, among them water pipes that will feed two different works (Atar Geva and Yaniv Amar). Historical traces of the strength of the body against the strength of the kibbutz. The burned-out breeds will grow alive and the water from the dairy will give hope to the ground, at least for another five years, or until the next new product that will adorn our future in the hope of strength.

    Mix Media large scale installation. Obsessive site specific. A collaboration with the great artist Atar Geva.

    Location: Historical building- Milking Parlor- Kibutz Bee’ri.

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