The Musical Solidarity Project – COVID-19

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    May 1, 2020 – June 14, 2020
    (this event is over)


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    Nofar Yacobi invites you to join in solidarity with the non-profit ‘Musical Solidarity Project’: A virtual performance of Verdi’s “Va pensiero” from Nabucco.
    One of the most symbolic musical pieces of hope.

    Many opera houses, theatres and cultural institutions are sadly locked down until further notice. We artists and our audiences will be out of our home – the theatre – for a long time. Therefore, in order to support each other, connect and share our solidarity, we created the Musical Solidarity Project.

    Singers, instrumentalists, conductors, opera houses, orchestras, world class soloists, orchestra players, music students and even passionate amateurs, stand all together in front of the global COVID-19 crisis.

    The idea is to create a rare collaboration between many artists and cultural institutions. In such challenging times, it will be very strengthening for artists and for their audiences to see that they are able to give an exceptional example of unity and hope, by breaking all the geographical, institutional and status boundaries, and by creating a unique and diverse group that believes in generosity and solidarity. If the crisis is global – the response should be global too.

    If you believe in Solidarity, Unity and Hope – join this special event.

    Anyone can join.

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