Time Lapse: 48 Hours Video exhibition by Auxiliary Projects Gallery
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Time Lapse: 48 Hours Video exhibition by Auxiliary Projects Gallery

Video exhibition on YouTube by Auxiliary Projects Gallery

Remember when you were so busy someone had to tape a banana to the wall and call it art? Brisk and efficient cultural consumption was always dubious at best. From the vantage point of New York City in lockdown at the epicenter of a global pandemic, many of us strangely find ourselves with time to burn. Why open a can when you can soak beans for 14 hours? Why do anything at all today, when you can do it tomorrow? Of course, to be in this situation is to be among the lucky who are even able to hunker, locked in battle with a refrigerators,with cohabitants, and bills.
Together with the grinding specificity of the minute to minute (how long has it been since I last washed my hands???) all of us endure a new blindness to the expansive future: who  knows what June will look like, or whether anyone will be here to see it? In this moment of forging new relationships to time, Auxiliary Projects Gallery is inspired to present TIME LAPSE, a 48-hour exhibition of streaming video art to soothe, irritate, and entertain you in your anxious confinement. The gallery team is sorry they can not provide their usual vintage of “gallery white,” but they also know that whatever you BYO of will be superior. What will be provided is an amazing array of video art in its original format that can replace your news feed on the screen of your choice.
Auxiliary Projects recommend letting it play the whole time, allowing your attention to drift and refocus, just as it did when the “old you” was out in the world where new stimulus was constant, unexpected, and compelling.
TIME LAPSE will feature video works by the following artists. Check the website for details and schedule!
Vanessa Albury
Jennifer Dalton
Anthony Discenza
Valery Jung Estabrook
Marie Guex
Faith Holland
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
Azikiwe Mohammed
Sal Muñoz
David Opdyke
Mitch Patrick
Rachel Rampleman
Sarada Rauch
Chanan Ben Simon and Inkyoung Bae
Adam Douglas Thompson
Livestreaming on YouTube from 5pm Friday - 5pm Sunday
Zoom reception on Saturday, May 2, from 6-7pm 

Date and time

Mar 01, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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