Tel Aviv Museum Talk about Cindy Sherman, Lorena Simpson & Catherine Opie

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    Tuesday, January 19, 2021
    (this event is over)


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    Tel Aviv Museum of Arts presents: Big Eyes: The Big Looks of Photography in the Last Century # 3
    The Feminists – Cindy Sherman, Lorena Simpson, Catherine Opie
    Zoom lecture with the artist and curator Yair Barak, an AICF grant recipient.

    Session # 3 in the series “Big Eyes: The Great Perspectives of Photography in the Last Century”: A unique series that seeks to take an in-depth look at key bodies of work in the history and present of photography. Its title is largely general and stereotypical – it too will stand the test.

    Yair Barak: Artist, lecturer, and writer. An outstanding graduate of the photography department at Camera Obscura, he studied for a master’s degree at Bard College, New York. He established the photography department at the Art Declaration, Tel Aviv. Heads the practical art studies at the Kibbutzim Seminary College, and teaches at the College of Management. Winner of the Encouragement of Creativity Award from the Ministry of Culture for 2012.

    * Duration of the session: an hour and a half.

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