To See Subcutaneously: Solo Exhibition by Noa Ginzburg

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    March 25, 2021 – May 15, 2021
    Tel Aviv Artists' Studio
    Ha'Tavor 32
    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Presented at the Tel Aviv Artists’ Studio, Noa Ginzburg’s solo exhibition To See Subcutaneously expands on the artist’s research into deep listening, observation, and perception. The body of work includes images created digitally and presented on various surfaces in the gallery, accompanied by a sound piece created specifically for the gallery space that offers instruction and a meditation on a possible non-linear choreography within the installation.

    Ginzburg creates site-specific and responsive installations. In the past years, she has been living in Brooklyn, NY. In 2020 as the pandemic hit in New York, she found herself without access to a studio or a permanent home, and so she created a series of installations-in-absence. In a new take on an old technology, the works are auto-stereograms, allowing the viewer to extract a three-dimensional image from a repeating pattern of a two-dimensional image. The computer-generated images were created utilizing online generators and digital editing as Ginzburg devised an ongoing exercise in abstraction.  Observing beyond the image while relaxing one’s eyes so each will see separately might allow viewers to enter a carved space, frozen and dynamic at the same time.  The digital works are based on renderings and collages of the artist’s drawings and assembled sculptures, texts, as well as collaged reproductions of Hilma Af Klint and Hieronymus Bosch’s works. By scanning the QR code posted at the entrance, the visitors can listen to audio work, in stereo- for both Hebrew and English, or to chose one channel by removing the other earphone.

    The artist will work from her studio in the gallery space during the exhibition. Email to schedule a remote visit to the gallery.

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