Two Videos by Ruth Schreiber Exhibit in Augsberg, Germany

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    June 8, 2021 – August 29, 2021
    Synagogue in the Kriegshaber district of Augsburg
    Kriegshaber district
    Augsburg, Germany

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    Ruth Schreiber exhibits two videos in an exhibition of Jewish feminist art in Augsberg, Germany. The videosĀ  are “Kasher, Kasher, Kasher” and “Creating Adam and Eve: a Midrashic Interpretation”.

    The Jewish Museum in Augsburg was founded 35 years ago in the unique synagogue dating from 1917 in downtown Augsburg. As the oldest Jewish Museum in the Federal Republic of Germany, it has a firm place in the cultural scene of the city and beyond.

    Every year, the museum provides around 30,000 visitors with insights into the Jewish history of the region and establishes links to contemporary social issues. In 2020/2021, we are devoting our program to the topic of feminism. In this way, we hope to show that feminist issues are still relevant and that feminism is not only about the equality of women but also about a fair, pluralistic, and discrimination-free society in general.

    In this context, the exhibition Shalom Sisters! is running until the end of August 2021. It celebrates Jewish-feminist positions both in Germany and in the international context, past, and present. It shows the many facets and different aims of Jewish feminists and brings them into public awareness.

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