“UNFOLDING” by Nava Gidanian-Kagan
Visual Arts

“UNFOLDING” by Nava Gidanian-Kagan

Nava Gidanian-Kagan solo exhibition, curated by Mathew Gosser.

The core subject of Nava Gidanian-Kagan's work is the nature of impermanence and its manifestation in our daily life. Coming from an Iranian family, moving from Israel, where life and death are a daily struggle; she knows that life is precious. “Written in Skin” (her recent body of work) is painted in layers of wax and oil, emulating a memory of the body and its fragility. Abstracted within the figure; she is stretching the limits between what is seen and what can be represented, confronting mortality and vulnerability. The goal of her work is to bring these tender moments to the front of the stage; from her personal view to a universal one and transform them into a meaningful experience, that embraces all shades of life.

Date and time

Nov 29, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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