Upcoming Exhibitions at the Jerusalem Artists’ House
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Upcoming Exhibitions at the Jerusalem Artists’ House

Three new exhibitions and artist talks

Yemima Ergas Vroman / A Retrospective Gaze: 1971 - 2021 (painting)

Curator: Shlomit Breuer

Surveying the chapters of Yemima Ergas's oeuvre, one may be frustrated in attempting to find footholds or any extensive chronological-historical narrative, by which to roam its realms. The flow of her work subjects, her mastery and skillful oscillation between different styles, her striving for perpetual experimentation as a way of life and as a modus operandi, does not allow for a distinctly linear sequence, but an existence, chaotic at times, determined to reject any attempt to enforce an orderly thematic structure or a restraining form on it.

True to this work mode, yet ready for the establishment of a retrospective exhibition, Ergas summons another gaze into the exhibition spaces. Weaving the a-priori and a-posteriori together, she proposes a reading of the exhibition sequence that merges the gaze forward with the gaze back, and maps the interwoven temporal and spatial axes as conduits of memory between these poles. A personal story, a family portrait, and cultural-social-political perceptions, come together to form a highly expressive visual memoir, which summons the "distant" to be looked into "closely."

Gallery talks (in Hebrew): Tuesday, March 15th at 17:00; Saturday, May 7th at 12:00

David Frenkel / Landscape Becoming Portrait (photography, video)

Curator: Nogah Davidson

The installation of David Frenkel's exhibition evokes display modes used in museums of natural history. Like them, Frenkel's works present the animal world in a highly artificial and theatrical fashion. His strategy points at instances of grotesque domestication, only to further radicalize them, mock and expose his own submission to the taxonomic human urge to signify, catalogue, and name everything there is: to find shapes in clouds, to turn landscapes into portraits of ourselves. Frenkel's ironic gaze at cultivated nature defies the narrative presenting man as the most noble and intelligent creature on the face of the earth. Frenkel regards the role of the artist as akin to that of the satirical clown who reenacts human conduct as a theater of the self; he is the fool, or the madman, who walks the street and screams out his theories. The exhibition transpires between worlds of seduction and morbidity, science and exoticism, academy and popular culture. Perhaps the clown tells a story that is more true to life than the story told by the educated scholar.

Gallery talk (in Hebrew): Thursday, March 31st at 17:00

Sivan Nishri / Palm Star: an exhibition in the 23rd Nidbach series (painting, Sculpture)

Curator: Alma Itzhaky

Sivan Nishri's works are driven by a curiosity about the basic behaviors of materials: She works with the discoveries and accidents that occur when one lets materials do as they will. From these incidents in matter, images emerge, metamorphose and concatenate from one another as they change form and state.

In the exhibition "Palm Star," Nishri presents two bodies of work that evolved simultaneously: paintings in mixed media on paper, and sculptures based on casts in different materials. The sculptures are created from one source object—a Washingtonia palm frond—that undergoes a series of transformations.

The material process is equally present in Nishri's paintings and in her sculptures: the paintings result from the way the pigments are absorbed in the paper, washed away or react with it. The saturated colors and intricate patterns in the paintings lead the viewer to a world of tropical mystery that lies in the transmutation of the work materials.

Gallery talk (in Hebrew): Saturday, March 26th at 12:00

(In the picture: Yemima Ergas Vroman, Unemployment, 1991, oil on canvas)

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