Waggle Dance

Waggle Dance

GEM dance company’s wonderful dancers return with an "ECO-Ballet", a new exciting and premiere with divine music and a message of hope.

The Waggle Dance is the way bees share with the location of flowers &food resources with their hive. The symbol of the Bee and the meaning behind it include focus, dedication, hard work, teamwork, fertility, prosperity, and generosity.
What would our world look like without bees? "If bees disappear from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.” is Albert Einstein's answer...

GEM Dance Company was founded in 2018 by dancer Egor Menshikov. This unique group of soloists is regularly invited to perform in Israel and abroad in various international dance festivals, performing Menshikov’s works that blend classical technique and a contemporary spirit.

Date and time

Feb 21, 2023
08:30 PM (UTC+2)

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Suzanne Dellal Center
Tel Aviv, Israel

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