We Love Art, We Make Art: “Achuzat Bayit – Home Estate”
Visual Arts

We Love Art, We Make Art: “Achuzat Bayit – Home Estate”

A new Iron sculpture, will be launched as part of We Love Art, We Make Art events, Tel-Aviv

Hila Laiser-Beja’s new wall sculpture presents three dense rows of home façades with seemingly human features. Their contours are uneven and shaky, not at all symmetrical and stable as one might expect from architectural structures for permanent residence, their windows are as wide as eyes, and their doors are open as gasping mouths.

The houses cluster together into an intimate block, casting shade like a hilltop at dusk. The title of the sculpture resonates with the first Tel Aviv neighborhood, which grew out of a core of ideas and a group of motivated people to implement it.

Placing a "House Estate" in the realm of Beit Kamhi seeks to inspire the future generation that within the walls of the community center. Here we strive to nourish the children of the local population, and provide them with an active, educational and experiential infrastructure, from the ground up.

The few houses that are left outside the group seem to be about to join or wait for something to happen. They obtain an outsider gaze, estimating what is going on and hesitating before deciding on distinct independence or merging into the crowd.

Rows of faces, each reflecting and indicating a different home and origin, assemble and create a picture of a community, where individuals come together into a multifaceted environment that embraces differences as well as similarities, in order to create an exciting and diverse Israeli reality.

Date and time

Oct 03, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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