“Wind Section”, New Solo Exhibition by Efrat Lipkin

    Event Details

    September 12, 2021 – October 10, 2021
    House of Words
    30 Belvidere Street
    Brooklyn, NY, United States

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    House of Words gallery is proud to present “Wind Section”, a new solo show by Efrat Lipkin, curated by Yonatan H. Mishal

    For the past two years, Lipkin has been exploring stability and fragility through the use of day to day objects and materials. Alongside installations, Lipkin creates drawings to explore other aspects of the materials she uses, to understand spaces in which the rules of physics do not apply.

    In ‘Wind Section’, new and older drawings reveal a blueprint for an examination of human fragility. The portraits of trumpet players full of expression and motion are drawn with the same intent of a cartographer mapping uncharted grounds. In her drawings, Lipkin finds similarities and patterns in the shapes of objects and the humans that use them.

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