Yoav Levanon in Verbier Virtual Festival – Discovery Series

Yoav Levanon in Verbier Virtual Festival – Discovery Series

Verbier Virtual Festival - Discovery Series, Yoav Levanon -
streaming a collection of unforgettable moments from the best performances of the Verbier Festival.

Verbier Virtual Festival

Discovery Series.
In the course of its nearly 30-year history, the Verbier Festival has borne witness to countless promises made and fulfilled: auspicious young talents rising beautifully to the occasion, creating unforgettable moments and pushing themselves toward the pinnacle of artistry with all eyes (and ears) on them. Today’s program is a tribute to the artists who have come of age in the era of Verbier, who have flourished and matured into seasoned performers on one of the world’s biggest stages.
Verbier Festival is delighted to bring you a collection of those unforgettable moments from over the years, featuring musicians like Hilary Hahn, David Garret, Edgar Moreau, George Li, Vilde Frang, Kit Armstrong, Kirill Troussov, David Kadouch, Daniel Lozakovich, Yoav Levanon and more—consummate artists shaped by their experiences in the Verbier Festival’s cooperative environment, where established veterans and rising stars learn from one another as they make world-class music together.

Date and time

Mar 03, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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