Zufit Simon – Schäume

Zufit Simon – Schäume


A choreographic research of the unstable

The project deals with foam as a metaphor for the growing insecurity in the way of life of our society, the loss of order. We investigate this process of dissolving social hierarchies by means of our corporeality in dance, creating choreographic images that think of the body as a fluid, far removed from rigid forms. Created in the play between the body, its movements and the scenic use of foam, the pictures show an ever-changing stage reality that reflects the instability of our social attitude to life.

A production of artblau Tanzwerkstatt | Choreography: Zufit Simon | Dancers: Zufit Simon, Judith Hummel | Stage design: Sebastian Brain | Light: Michael Kunitsch | Video: Carlos Bustamante | Dramaturgy: Inka M. Paul | Costumes: Mirella Oestreicher | Production Manager: Dietrich Oberlander

Date and time

Mar 03, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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