Eyal Vilner Big Band’s Show Reviewed by The NY Times and The New Yorker

The New York Times and The New Yorker wrote about the Braintrust dance collective and the Eyal Vilner Big Band’s show SW!NG OUT leading up to its NYC performances.
“SW!NG OUT is trying to bring onstage swing as it lives today — the historically rooted but ever-changing music and dance as practiced by young people who have devoted their lives to it…Teicher, Bugh and the rest of the gang — the dancers Evita Arce, Macy Sullivan and LaTasha Barnes, as well as the composer and bandleader Eyal Vilner — are all respected members of New York City’s swing-dance community, vetted by its elders. They all express a deep sense of responsibility to the history of the form — and to its future, too” – The New York Times.
“The creators and performers, called the Braintrust… are highly knowledgeable about tradition yet open to change, most visibly in a flexibility around gender roles. In conversation with live music by the Eyal Vilner Big Band, they improvise the dance into our time.” – The New Yorker Magazine.
SW!NG OUT features an all-star cast of 12 dancers and a 10-piece version of the Eyal Vilner Big Band all on stage. Featuring the Braintrust dancers: Caleb Teicher, LaTasha Barnes, Evita Arce, Nathan Bugh, Remy Kouakou Kouame, Gaby Cook, Joshua Mclean, Dee Daniels Locke, Jennifer Nicole Jones, Michael Jagger, Laura Glaess, AJ Howard, Macy Sullivan and Brian Lawton.
The Eyal Vilner Big Band: Eyal Vilner (alto sax, flute, clarinet), Julieta Eugenio (tenor sax), Josh Lee (baritone sax), John Lake (trumpet), Brandon Lee (trumpet), Ron Wilkins (trombone), Jon Thomas (piano), Ian Hutchison (bass), Erán Fink (drums), Imani Rousselle (vocals).