In Days of COVID19, Guy Mintus Turns to Online Concerts. Watch!

Pianist Guy Mintus announced a bi-weekly Facebook Live show starting this week. The show will be dedicated to spreading music and good vibes, offering some relief in this complex time. Mintus will be playing, telling stories, sharing insights about the music, having guests, interacting with the audience & much more. Check out his show on Facebook.

“In the coming months, I have 23 canceled concerts in 3 continents – from the Silk Road to Europe to the US including appearances at XJazz Festival, debut in Uzbekistan, Washington DC, Detroit, Cleveland, NY and the much anticipated Connecting the Dots Extended concert in Tel Aviv of the Trio + a string quartet”, writes Mintus, “I worked so hard the entire year preparing for this period – it really has been a challenge on many levels to digest this new reality of our world. In the earlier stages of this craziness (while still allowed to meet in small groups), Myself & the string quartet, having a hard time accepting that our show won’t happen, decided to get together and rehearse anyhow. Our wonderful cellist who couldn’t be there in person actually joined us through a video call (what a spirit!)”.