Israel Team Celebrates Success in 5th WAG Festival, Belgrade

The Israeli branch of the international artists organization ‘WAG’ (World Art Games) took part last month in the International Artistic Festival held in Belgrade.

Artists from 80 countries are members of WAG International, an organization that connects artists of all disciplines in order to connect hearts and promote art. It was established by painter Peter Weisz and Jasminka Blazevich Paunovic.

On April 11 and 12th, the Israeli group took part in the festival in musical performance and an evening of poetry. 

The Israeli delegation was successful this time: Uri Netanel (Composer and Cellist) wan a gold medal for music. Rumy Renan (Painter), the president of WAG Israel, got special thanks for high achievements and activity of the group. Shula Ross (sculptor), vice president of WAG Israel, received a gold medal for sculpture in latest festival in croatia. 

Previous festivals were held in Bratislava, Montenegro and Croatia. The next festival will be held in Norway. Good luck to the team!