Listen: “We’ll Meet After Corona”, Eli Gorenstein & Noam Vazana

Eli and Noam met 15 years ago when they worked together on the set of the unforgettable musical “The Producers” at the Cameri theatre. She played trombone in the orchestra and he played the crazy Nazi playwright, Franz Liebkind. The years passed and Eli continued to play at the Cameri and the Burg Theater in Vienna and Noam accomplished a career as an international singer songwriter abroad.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, everything stood still. The battle on Corona, the quarantine, the isolation and now the expectation for the alleviation of the current conditions that we hope to see soon in Europe and Israel, made them want to collaborate. But how do you make it happen when you’re so far apart? The two decided to illustrate this feeling into a song, full of longing for a meeting between two lovers, somewhere, someday. That’s why they decided to cover “Anu Nipagesh” which means “We’ll meet again” and create a music video in black and white, a homage to the “silent film” style, where the two demonstrate, in their own living rooms their longing for each other. The song was originally performed by Yafa Yarkoni & Israel Itzhaki during the war of independence.

Noam “Nani” Vazana – Vocals, Trombone, Arrangement, Audio Mix, Video Edit
Eli Gorenstein – Vocals, Cello
Clarinet: Talia Ilan
Guitar: Steve Mead
Lyrics: Israel Itshaki
Music: Israel Itshaki & Boby Pinhasi