Merav Shinn Ben-Alon Invited to “Mark Rothko 2015” International Painting Symposium

photographed by Yael Brandt

In September 2015 the Israeli artist Merav Shinn Ben-Alon was invited to the Artist Residency Program, “Mark Rothko 2015” International Painting Symposium, at the Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils Latvia which is a meeting place for masters of painting in Daugavpils – the city where Mark Rothko was born.

11 artists from 8 countries met in Daugavpils to create paintings in commemoration of the outstanding master and also to add to the collection of contemporary art in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre.

The participants in the symposium this year: Michail Lalov (Bulgaria); Siraj Saxena (India); Merav Shinn Ben-Alon (Israel); Alexander Selivanov (Russia); Karīna Korotkova and Sandra Strēle (Latvia); Voldemaras Barakauskas and Dainius Trumpis (Lithuania);  Beate Gjersvold (Norway); Monika Falke and Janine Gerber (Germany).

Merav Shinn Ben-Alon’s participation at the symposium became possible thanks to the support of the Embassy of Israel to Latvia.