New Timbalooloo Flagship SoHo Location Opens This Week

Oran Etkin’s “Timbalooloo” has just opened a new flagship location in NYC’s SoHo area, at 131 Varick St., #935 (between Spring and Dominick).

Timbalooloo strives to fundamentally re-imagine the way music is taught and how music can be conceived by children during their early formative years. The center of their work is the Timbalooloo Method, which was developed by internationally renowned musician Oran Etkin. In the Timbalooloo Method, instruments come to life and speak through their music so that children learn to express themselves not by having to execute the correct notes, but rather by making their instruments come alive and actually speak the language of music, adding character, humor and emotion to the music.

Persons registering this week can use discount code “SOHO 10” for 10% off fall semester classes for ages 4 months – 7 years.

Click Here For Info & Schedule Of Classes For Each Age