Anna Fine Foer’s Work Recognized by Hazon’s Shmita Project

Anna Fine Foer received an honorable mention from the Hazon “Shmita Project” for her fine art submission, featured here: “That’s Not Land, That’s Sky.”
Hazon is “the Jewish Lab for Sustainability non-profit”, and it held an international arts competition on the topic of “shmita” – a Jewish practice with calls for land to be left unattended for one year out of every seven.


Foer created her work of art from a collage she made years ago as well as other images she had. As the Baltimore Jewish Times writes, “[i]n the shmita spirit of allowing land to rest, [the artist] chose to avoid printing any new materials for the collage.”

Foer herself says: “I made a version of this collage in 2015 during the previous Shmita cycle, while in residence on Governor’s Island with Art Kibbutz International.  As part of the preparation for Shmita and a theme for the residency, we studied relevant texts with a rabbi during lunch.  When Hazon announced the art contest for the current Shmita cycle, I already had my idea which was to simplify the first iteration of the collage to make it more graphic and easily accessible”.

Read the full Baltimore Jewish Times article here.

Anna Fine Foer’s Work Recognized by Hazon’s Shmita Project

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