Artist Spotlight: Liliana Farber

Liliana Farber (b.1983, Uruguay) is a new media artist based in New York. She received an MFA from Parsons School of Design (New York), completed the Postgraduate Fine Art Studies at the Hamidrasha School of Art (Israel), and a B.A in Graphic Design from O.R.T University (Uruguay). Farber had solo shows at 1708 Gallery (Richmond, V.A), Arebyte gallery (London), Dodecá Center, Marte UpMarket gallery, and at the Education and Culture Ministry (Uruguay).

Liliana Farber ‘Adrift’, courtesy of 1708 Gallery

She participated in numerous collective shows at The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Portugal), The National Museum of Fine Arts (Chile), The National Museum of Visual Arts (Uruguay), Ars Electronica Festival (Austria), WRO Media Art Biennale (Poland), FILE Festival (Brazil), Raw Art Gallery (Tel Aviv), Katonah Museum of Art (NY), Glassbox Art Space (Paris), and more. She received the Network Culture Award from the Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival (Germany), The Art and Technology Award from Montevideo City Hall (Uruguay), and the Prize for Excellence in Art from the Ministry of Immigration (Israel).

What or who inspired you to want to be an artist?

Since I can remember, I was always interested in visual expressions. I have memories of arguing with kindergarten teachers about drawing assignments. My interests became more serious as I grew older, and when I was 16 years-old, I landed by chance in the studio of an amazing artist and teacher, Analia Sandleris. Studying with her was my anchor and gate into the art world.

Liliana Farber ‘Adrift’, courtesy of 1708 Gallery

What was your creative journey that has brought you to where you are in your career today?

Moving to Israel and working in the high-tech world had a tremendous influence on my art thinking. In Uruguay I was a painter and a photographer, in Israel, I was equipped with new technologies. All of a sudden I was surrounded by engineers, and my natural curiosity for technology found a fertile soil to grow in. 

Liliana Farber ‘Anonymous’, courtesy of 1708 Gallery

What do you need as an artist today?

Living in NYC, I feel time is never enough. Like many artists, I have a day job to support my living expenses. More than often I find myself craving for time. For studio time, for time to go on residencies, for time to see shows, time for reading, even more time to sleep.

Liliana Farber ‘Minute Walk’, courtesy of 1708 Gallery

What creative project are you working on now?I just opened a solo exhibition called Proximal, Distal, Adrift, at ‘1708 Gallery’ in Richmond, V.A. curated by Park Myers, it is an exhibition comprised of autonomous software, performance documentation, video, mobile applications, prints, and text. The show looks to cartographic histories, storytelling, and machine learning algorithms, that aim to develop new understandings of how contemporary culture engages with data at scales that are human, global, and computational. 

Next, I will focus on a solo show opening in October at the Cabildo Historical Museum in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

Liliana Farber ‘The Island’, courtesy of 1708 Gallery

What does it mean to you to have an organization like the AICF supporting artists and culture?

Personally, I am a fan of the AICF newsletter. It is one of my main resources to connect and stay in touch with my community. As an israeli artist, It is important to have a home and AICF helps me with that feeling of belonging. 



Artist Spotlight: Liliana Farber