Crowdfunding: The Eyal Vilner Big Band New Swing Album

Celebrating 10 years of original big band music, inspired by the swing dance scene of NYC & beyond!

In the past few years, we’ve started playing more and more for swing dancers. This has really influenced the way I play and write music. I fell in love with the dance and have become really passionate about the connection between musicians and dancers in the swing world. In this album we strive to create something new in this genre and tell our story through these aesthetics. Together with professional dancer and international instructor Gaby Cook and a group of amazing dancers we started a weekly jam in NYC where dancers and musicians get together to improvise and learn about each other’s language and art form, inviting artists from different backgrounds to collaborate and create something beautiful together. This exchange between dance and music, movement and sound, feels so refreshing and new – yet so natural and familiar. It feels like we’re bringing it back to where jazz and swing dancing grew up and developed together, influenced and inspired by one another. It feels like we’re bringing it back home.

Recording an album is not cheap, let alone an 18-piece big band album! Our goal for the campaign is $15,000, which is the minimum we need in order to make it happen. The money raised in this campaign will help pay for the musicians, 2 days at the recording studio, mixing, mastering, artwork and design, and printing the new album.

Tax Deductible
All contributions are fully tax-deductible through our long-term partnership with the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, excluding the cost of goods and services received.

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Crowdfunding: The Eyal Vilner Big Band New Swing Album