Daniel Weiss’s New Album “Dive” Is Out Now

Daniel Weiss releases his first outright jazz airing “DIVE”, an eclectic set of exciting and refreshing tracks with many changes of mood and pace.

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Listen to “K4Y”:

The playful album integrates the soulful with the calculated with elements of world music and jazz coming in contact with Daniel’s Jazz and progressive rock influences. This album combines the good times of the real world, the day to day, with the boundlessness of imagination, fantasy, hope and positivity.

Listen to “Land of Dreams”:

Daniel Weiss: “DIVE explores the healing power that melody can provide. It will not only take the listener on a journey to the fictional underwater “Dive” but will also take listeners on a journey of discovery in a breathtaking world that lies within themselves”.

I have been waiting for this moment, for quite a long time now. I truly feel that the creation and culmination of this album was and even is, the right remedy at the right time. Each and every song in this album has been carefully performed from the center of our collective musical solar plexus, capturing the music at its most fresh and inspired point. All these songs were recorded in one long magical day at the studio. It is with great love and gratitude that I present this collective freshness to you today“.

Track 1 2 3 4 & 6 Composed by both: Daniel Weiss and Yaniv Taubenhouse
Track 5 “Back Home” composed by Daniel Weiss.
Album Produced by Daniel Weiss

Guitars – Daniel Weiss

Piano/Rhodes/synthesizer – Yaniv Taubenshouse

Bass – Iggy Jackson-Cohen (1, 2 & 4)

Drums – Yogev Gabay (Tracks 1,2 & 4)

Bass – Lior Ozeri (3, & 6)

Drums – Sharon Petrover (Tracks 3 & 6 )

Tenor/Soprano Saxophones – Omri Abramov (Tracks 3 & 6)

Percussion – Nadav Gaiman (Tracks 1, 3, 6)

Recorded,Engineered by Jonathan Barak

Mixed and Mastered by Yan Perchuk California – U.S.A

Artwork By: Chris Moschler

Daniel Weiss’s New Album “Dive” Is Out Now