Fashionating by Liri: 7 Young Textile, Jewelry, Accessory And Footwear Designers

Israel is celebrating 71 years of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. Fashionating by Liri took this opportunity to demonstrate the great fashion coming from Israel by presenting seven young designers, and one established fashion house:

  1. Eden Saadon is a textile designer who graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering Design and Art in 2017. For her final project she presented a line of feminine hand-made lace undergarment items, using a 3D drawing pen. Ever since, Eden was invited to present her work in many places both in Israel and the US. 

  2. Maor Zabar started working as a costume designer for dance, theater and opera. In 2014 he opened an atelier called ‘Maor Zabar Hats’ which are known to be colorful and humorous. Maor is also known for designing Netta Barzilai’s Kimono for the Eurovision last year, and this year he continues to contribute from his talent to the Eurovision.

  3. The best thing about Laliv Shalev’s jewelry is that you can really feel the roughness and uniqueness of each one of them, which makes sense since her brand, “Baladi” means locally, from the ground, untouched. She has her studio/ showroom/ shop located in south Te- Aviv in a hidden magical place.

  4. Tal Arbel, the owner and designer of Norman & Bella, knows shoes. She appreciates great quality of materials. After studying both at Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem, and in The International Shoe School in San Mauro Pascoli in Italy, she opened her own brand with a store in prime location in Jaffa, Tel- Aviv.

  5. Gily Ilan is a talented young designer who combines knit textiles alongside magnetic porcelain clasps.

    In her collection the materials are responsibly sourced and all designs are handmade.

    When you wear one of Gily’s pieces there is no doubt people will stop to compliment you.

  6. Jerusalem Sandals inspired by the sandal making heritage of the ancient land of Israel. The sandals are handmade with natural leather, in east Jerusalem. They are a great brand who really shows that “biblical fashion” can by stylish even today.
  7. Recently graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem, Noga Mazover is a jewelry designer and artist who works with 3D printing to create her beautiful jewelry. Her previous collection was inspired by the sea.
  8. Maskit Fashion House was the first Fashion House in Israel, established in 1954 by Ruth Dayan. Maskit was truly the first Israeli fashion melting-pot, working with Jewish immigrants coming from all over the world, and with Bedouin, Druze and others as well.

    Since 2014, Sharon Tal, Maskit’s Head Designer, brings back Maskit to its glories days.

Fashionating by Liri: 7 Young Textile, Jewelry, Accessory And Footwear Designers