Gabriella Klein Publishes a New Artist Book

Gabriella Klein‘s artist book ” I Am an Island” / “אני אי” comprises images from works on paper created over the last 4 years, depicting peoplescapes and portraits of trees in a non-linear visual narrative.


Preceding the colorful images is a poetic essay written by psychoanalyst and art critic Itamar Levy, as well as a non-formal transatlantic correspondence between Klein and fellow painter and friend Melanie Daniel.


An excerpt from Itamar Levy’s essay:

“What inhabits this world? Most of it unfolds outdoors, in open natural expanses. Thoughts encounter no obstacles. Soft matter – water, air, cloth. Hard matter – rocks, trees. Childish, naive materials, contrasted with scarred tree trunks and faces etched with wrinkles. Age. Time”.


Bilingual alternate side reading in Hebrew and English


Design: Rona Speizman

Translations: Talya Halkin, Bernard Horn

Printing: A.R. Printing, Tel Aviv

Edition of 500

Produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council for Culture and Arts.


Gabriella Klein Publishes a New Artist Book

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