Hila Kulik New Releases: Sharing Thoughts of the Past and Future

Pianist Hila Kulik releases three new music pieces for public view, each originating from thoughts about her past, present and the future.
1. The Kulik Sisters – Piano Duo:

“As a little sister, I always wanted to copy everything my older sister Shimrit Barkon Kulik did, including playing the piano. As a kid, I was very energetic, barely practiced and honestly wanted to quit playing at an early age. Luckily my parents and sister supported me and encouraged me to continue. Shimrit has absolute pitch, tons of creativity and rhythm. Since we had the same piano teacher, sometimes we would play 4 handed piano pieces. We really enjoyed it because it was way better than practicing scales individually and we could sit next to each other – totally fun!”

“Shimrit eventually chose a different path, but she continues to listen to music and plays the piano occasionally.

I was so happy when she agreed to play this 4 handed piece for “good old days”! And I was beyond happy to record a short video to commemorate this fun moment”.

“This is us, playing Little Rhapsody on Hungarian Themes by Denes Agay. Performed on the beautiful Steinway at Kibbutz Mizra Conservatory where we both studied classical music, a place which has been a second home for me. So proud of Shimrit who plays beautifully and for letting me arrange this piece a bit differently than we used to play it”.
2. 2020-2021 Thoughts:

“2020 was definitely a year to remember. While sitting next to the piano at NYE,

thinking about the transition between 2020-2021, this is where my heart and hands led me to”

3. Lyresto by Kenny Burrel, live at Beit Haamudim

“Last August at Beit-Haamudim, Tel Aviv, Israel. One of the last live shows before Lockdown in the country has begun. I can’t wait to play with these wonderful musicians again. Can’t wait to preform again”

Erez Bar Noy – Saxophone

Yonatan Levi – Bas

Dani Danor – Drums
Hila Kulik New Releases: Sharing Thoughts of the Past and Future